Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Neasham & Kramer LLP offers the following legal services for individuals contemplating bankruptcy and for creditors responding to bankruptcy petitions.

For Individuals

For Creditors

Defense of Creditors

For Debtors (Individuals Seeking Bankruptcy Protection)


    Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling

    Preparation of Bankruptcy Petition

    Representation of Debtor at Court Hearings and “Meeting of Creditors”

    Bankruptcy Motion Practice

        Defending Debtors against Motions for Relief from Stay

        Filing Motions on Behalf of Debtors

    Representing Debtors in Adversary Proceedings





Filing Proofs of Claim

Filing Oppositions to Motions Objecting to Creditor’s Claims

Motions for Relief from Stay

Allows secured creditors to proceed with foreclosure on real estate, repossession and sale of secured collateral

Objections to Confirmation of Proposed Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 plans

Adversary Complaints and Proceedings

Complaint to Obtain Exception from Discharge

Complaints for Non-dischargability of a particular debt in bankruptcy

Complaint to Deny Chapter 7 debtors discharge






Actions brought by Bankruptcy Trustees in Chapter 7 & 11 cases

Defending Creditors in Adversary Proceedings brought by Debtor-in- Possession in Chapter 11 cases

Fraudulent conveyance cases

Preference Cases




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