Estate Planning and Probate


Living Trust Administration


When a loved one has died, Neasham & Kramer LLP offers the following probate services:


    Determining Whether Probate is Necessary

    Filing Probate Petition

    Notification to Beneficiaries

    Location of Missing Heirs



    Marshalling Assets

    Creditor Claims

    Court Appearances

    Meeting Probate deadlines for reports and accounting

    Real Estate Transfer Documents

    Determining validity of Wills

       Will execution

        Intent of Testator


        Execution of Will under Duress

        Coercion or Undue Influence

    Will Contests

    Handling Beneficiary Claims

    Family or Beneficiary Disputes

    Probate Litigation





Neasham & Kramer LLP helps clients manage assets and carry out the terms of a trust:


    Removal or Reinstatement of Trustee

    Mismanagement of Trust

    Advice and Legal Assistance to Successor Trustees

    Prepare Notice to Beneficiaries

    and other Legal Notices

    Assist in Preparing Inventory of Trust Assets

    Obtaining Valuation of Assets

    Trust Accounting

    Distribution Plans

    Real Estate Transfer Documents

    Trust Litigation




When your loved one can no longer care for themselves properly or constitutes a danger to themself or others, Neasham & Kramer LLP can advise and assist you in obtaining the proper court authorization needed to handle their important matters:


    Advice Regarding Conservatorship or Other Options

    Preparation of Conservatorship Petition

    Court Appearances

    Managing and Filing Timely Conservator Reports





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